Economic research

Saxo Bank’s professional strategists regularly publish economic research and analysis covering the world’s major markets.

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Arts & literature

Sport & Health

Saxo Bank supports a variety of education and entrepreneurship initiatives within the community. Musical events and the Saxo Collection are among the Bank’s sponsorship activities within the arts. Saxo Bank sponsors Formula 1 and professional cycling as well as events focused on sport and health issues.
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  • The tools of the trade have changed


    Saxo Bank's platforms are designed for today's traders

  • Winning is a frame of mind


    Saxo Bank is pro​ud to sponsor one of the world's leading cycling teams


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  • Take your talent to the Bank


    Saxo Bank’s people are shaping the future of trading and investment


  • ​Focus on technology

    At the core of Saxo Bank's technology lies an under-standing of investors'


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  • Experience the news through Saxo TV


    Follow our news commentary and meet the team

  • State of the art


    The Saxo Collection celebrates work by innovative contemporary artists